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The Digital Laguage Lab is located on the 1st floor of Lathrop Libray. The area contains 1 drop-in space and 3 classrooms. The drop-in area is not usually scheduled for classes. For scheduling, please contact Amy Keohane (akeohane at stanford dot edu).


Common Features in Language Lab area

  • smart wall paint
  • ceiling projector in the classroom
  • 2 wall-mounted projectors and boards
  • video capture cart: How to use the video capture cart [ PDF]

The common features are described here

Facilities and Equipment

199 Flex Space Area:This area is primarily used by students dropping in to do online assessments, multilingual writing, skyping, and voice recording. It is not regularly scheduled for class use.  

198 Computer Classroom: This room is used for instruction, online assessment, hands-on training, and student' projects and activities. It is also used for orientations.

197 Classroom : This room is designed to accommodate the full range of classes taught in the Language Center, from beginner to more advanced levels.

191 Language Learning Studio: This room is designed to facilitate  the full range of classes taught in the Language Center, from basic listening and speaking, to more advanced levels of writing and presentation.

195 and 196 "TouchDown" Instructor's Meeting Spaces : These spaces are specifically designed for instructor use, including discussions and meetings with 1 or 2 students. Instructor Use Only