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Student Services

The Digital Language Lab supports students in many ways.

Formative Assessment

Oral Diagnostic Assessments (ODAs) and Online Writing Diagnostic Assessment (WDAs) can be done in the drop-in DLL area year-round.. These are set up as Assignments in the Canvas site for the class you are taking. If you don’t see your ODA in the Assignments tool in Canvas, please contact your instructor.

When taking an ODA or a test you should NOT write it out before you do it! Why not?

  • Because your instructor has specifically requested that you don’t.
  • Because the task is designed to assess your ability to speak, not read.
  • Because your instructor may think you are able to speak better than you actually can.
  • Because when you try to talk to a native speaker of the language, you won’t have time to write out every response.

Placement and Assessment

Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) exit exams are administered in over 10 languages during spring quarter, when approximately 800 students come through the Lab over a two week period. We also administer most English as Foreign Language (EFS) placement and exit exams.

Software and Support

Multilingual Computing – The Lab offers a controlled environment with tested input methods and localization schemes, as well as non-roman script support in browsers.

Audacity, the popular audio recording application is available on Lab computers

We also offer (class) orientations for Canvas – Ask your instructor to schedule one.

Student Resources

The Digital Language Lab collects various useful links, websites, and apps for language learning. For example, we subscribe to SCOLA for International News Online in 40+ Languages ( For details, see our Student Resources page.